Living Will

A living will is essentially your last wish regarding how you want the end of your life to unfold. Do you wish to be kept alive by machines? Whatever your wishes, your living will must be drafted and notarized.


A will is your final testament to leave your possessions and assets to whomever you wish. In order to avoid lengthy probate, you must have a will in place with an executor, drafted and notarized.

Power of Attorney

The authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial matters. This must be drafted and notarized to be legal and is important when dealing with Wills and Trusts.

Things To Bring:

In order to be properly prepared to draft your will, you must make a few important decisions about your property, estate, assets, and possessions. Be prepared to decide what property will be included and who will inherit it. Choose an executor to handle the estate and choose a guardian for any children. Once you have those determinations made, you are ready to come in and draft the will.

Make sure to bring Names and Addresses of who will be the Executor or Executors of the Will.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions we’ve encountered relating to wills.

What happens if I die without a will?

If you pass away without a will, your assets are put into probate, which means the court will distribute them according to the applicable laws of the state, not your wishes.

How do I avoid probate?

Joint ownership and trusts are a great way to avoid the headaches of probate.

What is probate?

Probate is the official proving of a will, which includes a court proceeding to prove that the will is valid. This process can tie up assets for months or even years.

Why do I need a living will?

Your living will is an instruction to those taking care of you in the event you are incapacitated. Your final wishes must be drafted and notarized to be legally valid.


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