Business Partner Protection

Buy-Sell Agreements protect the co-owners of a business, establishing clear guidelines for many different circumstances that come up in life, such as retirement, bankruptcy, or death.

Insurance Against the Unknown

Owning a business comes with many challenges. When it comes to business partners, established rules for moving through trying situations can help save time and money.

Business Buyout

Co-owned businesses should have a buy-sell agreement in place as soon as possible, preferably at the start of the business, establishing a clear buy-out option in the event of unavoidable circumstances.

Things To Bring:

When establishing your business’ buy-sell agreement, please bring the following documents to your appointment:

  • Information about the business
  • Lease or Rental information about business assets
  • Breakdown of Business Assets

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions commonly asked about Buy-Sell Agreements:

Is a Buy-Sell Agreement for Buying a Business?

No, a buy-sell agreement protects co-owners of a business by outlining what happens in the event of specific circumstances, not the purchase of a new or existing business.

If I die, does my spouse inherit my business?

In many states the answer is yes. For certainty, you must consult with your state laws. However, a buy-sell agreement can specify exactly what happens in the event of a business owner’s death, establishing clear guidelines for the organization of the business.

What is a buyout?

When a business has multiple owners with a buy-sell agreement, there will be buyout clauses written into the contract, which outlines the exact terms of a financial takeover, if one is needed. This can include payment plans, lump sums, or other options.

What happens if a business partner retires?

A buy-sell agreement can protect all parties involved in the event of a retirement. Rather than potentially go into business with strangers or losing a controlling stake in your business, a buy-sell agreement can detail the exact path the company will take.


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